I was recently sitting on a pink deck chair in the autumn sunshine in the small square of Paternoster Square next to Saint-Paul's Cathedral in London. This square square comes from the former name of Paternoster Row, a street of booksellers and publishers in London. The road was destroyed in the Luftwaffe air raids on London in 1940, where an estimated 5 million books were destroyed. Just half a year after the destruction of Paternoster Row, it is estimated that half of the city of Tartu was also destroyed in the battles of the summer of 1941. A lot of cultural heritage and entire city blocks were destroyed. The buildings on the bank of the Emajõgi, where the Delta house is now located, were also destroyed. Paternoster Square is now a center for investment banks and stock exchange firms. In the poetry of a name of the place at the heart of the modern business world, a memory has been preserved, reminding us that to be human, we need - both spiritual and intellectual sides to balance.