Urmo Raus


             Õhtumaade rännakud
    A collection of seven journeys 
    in Estonian, 56 pages, size 14 x 20,5 cm, 200 copies
    Published by Studio Raus, December 2021
                                         ISBN: 978-9916-4-0876-6

            Parnass, Pariis 1991-1993
    Autobiographical story about Paris in years 1991-1993
    in Estonian, 217 pages, size 14 x 20,5 cm, 800 copies
    Published by Tammerraamat, November 2020
    ISBN: 978-9949-690-50-3
The Treasure of St. Laurence within the windows of a Kuressaare church.
     Exhibition "Inversions, Contemporary Art Inspired by the Architecture of Louis Kahn"
     by Melinda Wang Project in RIVAA  Gallery, New York            
                St. Laurence of Kuressaare glass painting  projects by Urmo Raus
                                                 Trilingual edition in English , German and Estonian, of 300 copies.
                    21 pages. 20 colors reproductions, size: 14,5 x 21 cm.
                    Publication date: Octobre 2019

Urmo Raus, Southern Estonia’s Landscapes

Exhibition in Vaal Gallery 2.august -16.august 2005
preface by Jaan Kaplinski, bilingual edition in Estonian and English, of 300 copies,
            32 pages, 10 colors reproductions, size: 19,5 x 23 cm
                                            Publication date: Octobre 2005. ISBN: 9949-13-314-9

Urmo Raus, Paintings 2002-2003

 Exhibition in Tallinn Art Hall 14.november - 14.december 2003,
 preface by Yves Michaud,  bilingual edition in English and French, of 300 copies,
                                              60 pages, 20 colors reproductions, size: 19,5 x 23 cm
                                             Publication date: August 2003. ISBN: 9949-10-646-X

Urmo Raus, 4 projects for Estonia

Four contemporary stained-glasses projects by Urmo Raus
Trilingual edition in English , French and Estonian, of 300 copies,
             48 pages, 23 colors reproductions, size: 12,5 x 14 cm
             Publication date: January 2003. ISBN: 9985-78-967-9

Urmo Raus, Stained-glass windows projects for St.John Chruch in Tartu, CD-ROM

Trilingual edition in English, French and Estonian, of  500 copies, PC/MAC,
Publication date: January 2002. ISBN: 9985-78-387-5


Urmo Raus, 10 paintings 10 walls

preface by Solveig Enna                          
Bilingual edition in English and French, of 300 copies.
                                             32 pages. 10 colors reproductions, size: 19,5 x 23 cm
               Publication date: March 2000

Climate, Urmo Raus – Xavier Escribà

 Exhibitions in Tallinn and Barcelona
 preface by Yves Michaud, trilingual edition of 500 copies, 18 pages, size: 20 x 23 cm
                                              Publication date: September 1998.
                                              Romargraf, SA, Dipòsit legal: B. 37.082-1998